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Universal USB installer

Universal USB installer

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Windows 10, Windows 8
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Universal USB installer

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The free tool Universal USB Installer turns your USB stick into a handy boot medium for which countless Linux distributions are available.

The free Universal USB Installer can install a variety of Linux distributions on your USB stick so that you can use it as a boot medium. The Universal USB Installer supports dozens of Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSuse systems as well as several rather unknown and Linux-independent distributions. To get started, all you need is a sufficiently large USB stick (2GB is sufficient in most cases) and an ISO file from the distribution of your choice. Note: In the BIOS boot sequence, make sure that the USB stick is read in before the hard disk, otherwise you will start again with your usual operating system.


If the Universal USB Installer is in the same directory as the ISO file, the tool will automatically recognize it and save you the trouble of searching. There are also many other ingenious portable applications that are well worth a look.


It doesn’t always have to be the Universal USB Installer: Windows can also be conveniently installed using a USB stick. If you wish, you can of course assemble such a Windows boot stick manually.

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