University of Oxford is also testing AstraZeneca corona vaccine in children

The University of Oxford will test whether the corona vaccine that it developed together with AstraZeneca is also safe for children. Until now, hardly any tests have been done on children, because they become less ill due to infection with the corona virus. But they can pass on the virus, and so make other people sick.

The vaccination against Covid-19 is ongoing around the world. The strategy for this differs per country, but there is one common element. Currently, only adults can receive corona vaccine.

Testing in children

According to Oxford University, it’s not a bad idea to eventually vaccinate children. They themselves become ill much less often from a corona infection, but they can infect high-risk patients. And they do get very sick. That is why the university is now also getting started with clinical tests in children.

About 300 children and young people between 6 and 17 years of age will participate voluntarily in the study. 240 of them are injected with AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine. The rest will receive a placebo. The first vaccinations within the study will take place this month. The university itself has announced this in a statement.

People over 65?

At the corona vaccine from AstraZeneca is not only doubt about the effect in children. It has also long been uncertain whether the vaccine was effective enough in older people. In the group of people who took part in the test phases, there were too few over-65s to get a clear answer. But according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no reason not to give it to them.

“Despite the fact that we have less data for this age group, there is nothing to indicate that their response is not the same as that of people of a younger age,” he said. The WHO reiterated that people over 65 are at risk and should be vaccinated as soon as possible, “even if a vaccine is slightly less effective”.


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