Unlock, lock: the Czech Republic between corona records and chaos

The worst is the situation in the already economically weak north-west of the country, in the regions on the border with Germany. There the 7-day incidences are over 1000, which is ten times that of Austria. Three of these counties have now been cordoned off. You can only enter and leave the country with a negative corona test. The police control highways and country roads. The neighboring state of Bavaria, to which many Czechs commute to work, has tightened the restrictions on these commuters. You are now only allowed to drive directly to and from work, shopping or other errands are prohibited.

Distrust of government

Prime Minister Babis and his government have lost a lot of trust in the last few months of the pandemic. Babis, entrepreneur and multimillionaire, had always scored with promising to run the country strategically and goal-oriented like a company. Corona management, on the other hand, is quite derailed. While widely announced measures such as consistent contact tracing never really worked, people alternated between unlocking and locking, lockdown and relaxation. But it never brought the number of infections under control. As early as autumn, the Czech Republic was chronically negative record holder in the EU, and the numbers have never reached a reasonable level since then.


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