Unlocked again: school opening “with common sense”

Minister of Education Faßmann does not want to lift the mask requirement for the time being. Teachers complain of bureaucracy

On Monday after the nine-week lock-down, around 350,000 schoolchildren again had classes under particularly strict hygiene and hygiene standards Distance rules. The School opening concerned all elementary schools, all middle schools and the lower secondary level. So that the rules that are supposed to prevent infections with the corona virus can also be adhered to Ministry of Education determined to share all classes.

Today, Tuesday, the second group of 350,000 students will come. Fassmann was pleased with the second, first day of school this school year. The minister of education said at a local inspection at a lower elementary school: “I am very realistic: In schools like this, maybe everything will not take place so completely 100 percent. But I think you can accept that, because what you get for it is worth a lot more. ”

In addition, it had been shown that “the school not the location of the significant significant spreads of the virus is, ”he referred to studies Scandinavia. In any case, he asked, “All these things with a certain Common sense“To apply.

It is currently still being examined whether all school-age pupils have come. The Minister had more or less left it up to the families to put their children in the school want to send. If the schoolchild or someone from the family belongs to the risk group, a confirmation is sufficient for the school management. As recently as last week, Faßmann assumed that around seven percent of the children would not come: this figure is derived from the ministerial office from regular surveys of families of school-age children.

Directors protest

On Monday the schools No major problems reported, but there have been protests from educators about the Ministry’s data rage. “We have shown the greatest possible understanding of extremely tight planning requirements and subsequently changing legal requirements. It is for all of us crisis an unprecedented challenge, ”write the spokeswoman for the high schools and the spokesman for the BMHS, Isabella Zins and Franz Reithuber, in an open letter to Minister of Education Fassmann. Her appeal: “Please stop monitoring!”

Only last Friday was an urgent new evaluation for everyone schools had been applied, the schools and their managers are currently sufficiently involved in starting school operations. It did not open up to the educators what the “counting of the daily at the school Bring people present or absent in the event of an infection ”, as well as the announcement of which teachers are teaching which students in which room, as this is automatically recorded every day by the school administration programs.

As if that weren’t enough, Viennese AHS directors also sent an open “video letter” to Faßmann, and described his corona management as “reaching into the toilet”. “Bad communication and contradicting regulations” are specifically criticized. School autonomy will schools only allowed for “unpleasant decisions”.

The Ministry of Education countered this sharply and recommended tuition to the Vienna AHS directors. “The video primarily shows the need for additional training in matters digitalization“It said to the APA. “Freedom of expression and criticism is permitted,” emphasized the ministry. “But we expect managers to have a more objective discussion.”

Careful children

From the schools himself could The courier Find out that a lot was well prepared and hardly any problems were observed: “We informed parents, teachers and students beforehand about how things are going today and what to watch out for. That is probably the reason why everything worked so well today. I greeted each student individually and despite the mask you could see the happy grin of the children who were happy that they were school finally starts again. What struck me was that the children weren’t as exuberant as usual, but were waiting to see what everyday school life will be like now. The teachers were very happy to be able to see their children again, “reports, for example, primary school director Sonja Schärf-Stangl out Frohsdorf in Lower Austria.

NMS teacher Heidemarie Farokhnia out Vienna-Waehring says: “Today we all – teachers and students – were curious to see what everyday life will look like. Many are different: there is no usual bustle in the school. Rather, everyone is very disciplined – you seldom had to remind children that they e.g. put on the mask or wash your hands. The students know very well about that virus Notice. The old staff room is no longer there either, instead the colleagues are now divided into two classes. We all have to get used to the new conditions now. But I am absolutely certain: We can do it! “


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