UNO clarifies the famous “stacking rule”, but Twitter does not agree

Although UNO’s rules of the game are pretty self-explanatory, they still cause confusion. And even when UNO tries to clear up the ambiguities, people question them. That’s what is happening again about the +2 cards now.

UNO is, of course, known for causing family quarrels or revealing underlying favoritism. And a large part of those problems are caused by ambiguities in the rules of the game. That is why UNO has now clarified one of the most confusing rules, although not everyone agrees.

Stack + 2 cards

Anyone who has already played UNO once, has probably already wondered whether you can now stack a +2 card on a +2 card. Some of us even dare to put a +4 card on such a +2 card. The rule sometimes causes confusion, but also arguments. Especially when someone suddenly has to take 12 cards.

But, UNO now lets you know, according to the official rules you are not allowed to stack +2 cards. The game tweeted via Twitter: “By management: You cannot stack +2 on +2”. UNO already knew that a discussion was going to break out, so it immediately wrote: “Go for it, roast U.S”. And of course you shouldn’t ask that twice on Twitter.

Here is a selection of the nicest reactions and the reactions of UNO itself:

Some are satisfied that the stacking rule does not exist:

But, UNO finally concludes, if you play with “house rules”, you can use the stacking rule. Provided that everyone agrees to the rules in advance:


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