UNO gets its own game show from Mattel

Toy manufacturer Mattel has been creating films and series based on its products for several years. The next game in the list that will have its own program is UNO. In The UNO Game Show Four teams compete each time to become the ultimate UNO champion.

Everyone knows UNO. The card game will be 50 years old next year and has conquered the whole world during that time. And soon it will also have its own game program. The UNO Game Show will be a mixture of audience participation, activity assignments and quiz questions.

Mattel Television

Toy manufacturer Mattel came up with the idea of ​​turning UNO into a game show. For the development of the game, Mattel Television works with the creative teams behind the US programs The Price Is Right and Let’s Make A Deal. On which channel The UNO Game Show will appear, is not yet known.

Mattel has been making films and series of its products for years. For example, a horror film is currently in development, in which the Magic 8 Ball is central. The toy manufacturer also worked on live action films about the popular American Girl dolls before.

Stacking rule

Earlier this year UNO came out with special news. Or at least for people who always play the game with the so-called “stacking rule”. This means that you can put two or more +2 cards on top of each other, so that the next player in the row has to take 4 (or more) cards.

That rule differs enormously, as some even claim that you can put a +4 card on a +2 card. The “rule” often causes arguments, but UNO itself has now provided clarity. The verdict: you cannot stack +2 cards on top of each other.

UNO did have good news for those who refuse to abandon the stacking rule. If agreed in advance, you can play UNO with so-called House Rules. These are rules that you choose yourself. You can only use it if all players agree.


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