Unox reduces the amount of meat in sausage | Financial

Unox announced this on the eve of the fourth edition of the National Week Without Meat, which starts on Monday.

For example, part of the meat in chipolata sausages will soon be replaced by kidney beans and paprika, for example. Smoked sausage and frankfurters use more chicken instead of pork. According to Unox, this has a lower climate impact and less saturated fat.

The ultimate goal is to help Dutch people on their way to a diet with a 50-50 balance between animal and vegetable proteins, according to a press release. “That is better for people, animals and the planet. Unox believes that the Dutch pot should always be tasty, now and in the future. Meals must be nutritious and at the same time have less impact on the environment. All products are therefore tested against the criteria ‘better, less and no meat’ and ‘more vegetables’. ”

Unox’s plans are part of Unilever’s strategic choice. The laundry and food group also wants to sell its subsidiary brand De Vegetarian Slager even more, while there will also be more vegan versions of the mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s and the ice creams from Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s. It also announced in November that it wanted to increase sales of vegetable meat substitutes and dairy varieties.

Esther van Spronsen, Marketing Director Unox calls it ‘a big step’ to ensure that the Dutch eat just as much vegetable and animal proteins by 2025. “But with consumers’ growing realization that their choices can have a positive effect on their health and the environment, it is certainly not inconceivable.”


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