Unpacked event: Samsung reveals the date for new cell phones in a puzzle

Samsung has announced the date for the next unpacked event in a cryptic riddle. This is presented.

In addition to the already prevailing heat, Samsung also makes internet users sweat with a riddle. A tweet has appeared on Samsung Mobile’s Twitter channel revealing the date for the next Unpacked event. Instead of simply revealing the time, users have to click through three pictures and solve a puzzle. The whole thing looks like this.

The riddle is not too complex: In the end, it is simply a matter of linking the colored circles shown in the third picture with the letters or numbers and color circles from the two previous pictures. Here is our help for puzzle lovers:

Easy to solve despite the heat: The Samsung riddle for the unpacked event date


Easy to solve despite the heat: The Samsung riddle for the unpacked event date

Don’t feel like guessing? The solution

If you want to save yourself the time: The solution to the riddle and thus to the question “When will something greater arrive” (roughly: “When will something big happen?”) is:


So August 10, 2022. Samsung has thus confirmed the date that has been circulating as a rumor on the internet for a few days.

What we expect for the Unpacked Event on August 10, 2022

Samsung introduced the new Galaxy flagship, the Galaxy S22, earlier this year. At the Unpacked Event 2022, the new models of foldable smartphones should be presented. To be more precise, that

Galaxy Flip 4


Galaxy Fold 4.

In addition, they should

Galaxy Watch 5

and the

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

to get presented. Last year, the Galaxy Watch 4 (Pro) was also presented at the unpacked event in August. With version 4, Samsung switched from its own Tizen to Google’s WearOS as the operating system for its smartwatches. Here you can find our review of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Last are the prices for the

Galaxy Watch 4 for well under 150 euros (here in the PC-WELT price comparison)

and at the

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for less than 180 euros (in the PC-WELT price comparison)

dropped, which can be interpreted as an indication that Samsung is planning to release the successor models.

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