Unplanned corona actions harbor workers: traffic on A15 stuck

Earlier this afternoon, activists blocked the Coloradoweg on the Maasvlakte, as a result of which road traffic could no longer enter or leave the port. On Twitter it can be seen that there is a file of mainly trucks stands from the Suurhoffbrug, where the A15 turns into the N15.

Protest against measures

The activists, more than a hundred people, are probably part of the action group Dockers United. These are port workers from various companies and terminals and companies that protest against corona measures taken by the government, such as the corona passport. ‘Not making normal what is not normal’, one of their slogans, can be read on one of the banners at the blockades.

Those blockades started at Coloradoweg, but the activists are in more places, says a spokesperson for the Rotterdam police, who does not dare to confirm that it is an anti-corona measures protest. “We currently have groups blocking the road in two places. We are talking to them that they will move out of the way.”

The campaign has now been going on for a few hours, he says. Traffic comes to a standstill for about 10 kilometers, which results in a delay of more than half an hour. Diversions have been put in place, so that traffic is still possible on other parts of the Maasvlakte, the spokesperson said.

‘No truck in or out’

Among other things, the gate to the ECT Delta Terminal has been blocked by the activists. This ‘naturally’ causes nuisance, says ECT spokesman Rob Bagchus. “No truck can get in or out. The delay is proportional to the duration of the demonstration.”

The company does not interfere with the activists. “We leave that to the police. As far as I know, they are present and we are closely monitoring how the situation develops. It is still too early to say whether this will cause major financial damage.”

According to Rijnmond, in addition to the blockades in the port, protest actions are also expected on the Rotterdam ring road. This is also called for on Facebook.

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