Unplugged Performance soon official Tesla preparer?

The automotive preparation market is booming and is starting to invest in the electric car segment. Unplugged Performance, a specialist in early Tesla products, imagines becoming the performance branch of the Palo Alto firm.

Often looked upon with disapproval, the prepared cars – or tuned in the usual language – have the wind in their sails. So much so that most of the historic manufacturers have developed complete personalization catalogs or even, for premium and very high-end manufacturers, tailor-made clothing departments.

Unplugged has given Tesla more character since 2013

Tesla, for its part, does not yet offer any personalization possibilities when purchasing the car, with the exception of an option catalog as refined as the interiors of its cars, and some accessories such as floor mats. all seasons. Nothing to satisfy Tesla customers looking for exclusivity, who will therefore have to turn to specialized companies.

As one of the first to be expressed on the Tesla Model S, Hawthorne’s company (note: stronghold of the design office Tesla and SpaceX, there is no coincidence) quickly made the Tesla range its specialty. If the tuner does not touch electrical mechanics, where power gains are more complex to obtain than on turbocharged thermal engines, Unplugged Performance has a large catalog of cosmetic parts and largely improved ground connections, image of larger brake kit and shock absorbers suitable for sporty driving.

The expertise of Californian wizards is such that certain employees and managers of the world’s leading electric car manufacturer, such as Franz von Holzhausen, chief designer of the brand, have not hesitated to equip their own Tesla with parts from Unplugged.

A house preparer to develop Tesla’s offer?

Asked by Joe Rogan about preparing the Tesla, Elon Musk did not express dislike, saying it is a good thing and that he has no problem with people who modify cars. Particularly when it comes to lightening them and improving ground connections. It didn’t take long before we got the much more enthusiastic reaction from Ben Schaffer, the boss of Unplugged Performance.

Unrolling all the common points between the two entities as a pretender on a dating site, the latter evoked in the background a possible partnership. Tesla would take care of a pragmatic production while the preparer would more officially offer preparation kits to customers, like the impressive Tesla Model S-Apex (a hidden word game with SpaceX?). Will Hawthorne’s brand be to Tesla what AMG or Brabus is to Mercedes? The future will tell.

In the meantime, Tesla preparers are expected to sprout like mushrooms on the Tesla Cybertruck’s roads. Initial rumors are that the surprising electric utility vehicle will only leave the factory with one body livery. This is what suggests Elon Musk, questioned on this subject on Twitter, who confided that customers will be able to apply “wraps” to him of any color or any pattern which, details it, does not will not be in the list of official options.


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