Unseen: Trump blocked his Twitter, Facebook is also taking action

US President Donald Trump sees his social media accounts blocked after the riots on Capitol Hill.

In the news: Four people died after riots during the vote count for the official appointment of Joe Biden. Trump had called on Twitter to block it, which seems to have spurred some protesters to storm Congress.

ConsequenceTrump has called on Twitter to keep the peace, but that message came too late. There was also a bizarre video message, in which the president reiterated that he believed the election was fraudulent, but also called for keeping the peace. That did not help.

So: Twitter deleted some of Trump’s tweets, that’s the first time. Trump’s tweets have previously been labeled, for example, if they contain claims about so-called election fraud.

Has Trump shut down his Twitter? Not completely, but the social medium does have the rule that an account from which tweets are deleted because they incite violence, will be closed for a short time. At the moment Trump is therefore unable to deliver messages. It is the first time that Twitter has closed the account of a sitting president.

And elsewhere? Action has also been taken against the president on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s site deleted a post from Trump. According to Guy Rosen, Facebook vice president, this is “an emergency” and so the site is taking “emergency measures, such as removing President Trump’s video. We did that because we think it contributes to violence, rather than reducing the risk ”.


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