Until April 12: 7 GB LTE and all-network flat rate for 7.77 euros and can be canceled at any time

For a short time, this mobile phone tariff offers more data volume for less money. Find out all the details about the bargain offer here.

The provider simplytel offers until 12.04. a strong mobile phone tariff

7 GB LTE data volume

(instead of the usual 5 GB) and Allnet-Flat for

cheap 7.77 euros

(instead of 9.99 euros) monthly. In addition to a classic contract term of two years, you can also choose the “No term” option, which you can cancel at any time. The

Offer ends April 12 at 11am.

If you need more data volume, you can currently find 16 GB LTE for 11.99 euros per month at

Click here for the simplytel offer: 7 GB LTE for only 7.77 euros

These are the tariff conditions

  • Network: O2

  • Data volume: 7 GB with LTE 50 Mbit/s

  • Flat rate telephony & SMS

  • Flat EU roaming

  • 7.77 euros basic fee per month

  • Without term or 24 months

  • Connection fee (24 months): 0 euros

  • Connection fee (without term): 19.99 euros

  • Automatic data: yes, but can be deactivated

  • Promotion valid until April 12, 2022 at 11 a.m

Click here for the simplytel offer: 7 GB LTE for only 7.77 euros

The tariff includes an all-network flat rate, so you can make unlimited calls and text messages for free. A data volume of 7 GB is sufficient for most mobile phone users. You can navigate on the go using Google Maps, use Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Co, stream music via Spotify and even watch some videos on the go. With the 2-year variant, there is no connection fee, with the option “without a contract period” (cancellable monthly) you pay a one-time fee of 19.99 euros for the connection.

New smartphone tariff

Based on various parameters such as desired data volume, telephony flat rate or SMS flat rate, you will find the right tariff for your smartphone in our tariff calculator. If you are also looking for a new mobile phone, you can also specify your desired model and order it at the same time.

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