Up to 3500 euros: Tesla lowers prices for Model 3 in Germany and Europe (updated)

There was an inconspicuous price reduction at Tesla in Germany on the first day of the new year, because the value added tax, which rose to 19 percent from July 2020 after the corona reduction, was not passed on to customers. As it now shows, that was just a foretaste: On Wednesday night, the prices for all versions of the Tesla Model 3 were noticeably reduced. The strongest reduction in absolute terms was given to the performance variant; in relative terms, the smallest Model 3 was cheaper.

Model 3 effective now from 34,970 euros

According to information on the website in Germany, entry into the Tesla world is now possible from 39,900 euros, with an additional 980 euros in “processing fees”, as before. On the other hand, customers can deduct 6,000 euros in the form of the German electric car purchase premium, which is paid on request after purchase. This ultimately results in an effective price of 34,970 euros for a Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus.

Previously, Tesla stated the price for this basic model at 42,900 euros, i.e. 2910 euros more, which amounted to a final cost of 37,880 euros. This means it is now around 7.7 percent cheaper in relation to this value, and calculated with the prices before fees and premiums, the reduction is 6.8 percent.

Tesla even lowered the price for the performance variant by 3500 euros, which is now listed in the web configurator at 54,990 euros. In this calculation, that’s 6 percent less than before. If you take fees and premiums into account, the result is 49,970 euros instead of 53,470 euros, which corresponds to a price reduction of 6.5 percent.

Price for medium Tesla drops less

Finally, the price for the medium version of the Model 3, called Long Range by Tesla, is now specified in the configurator at 49,990 euros. Previously it was 52,490 euros, which means that the reduction was the smallest here at 2,500 euros or just under 4.8 percent. Together with the processing fee and after deducting the environmental bonus, you now pay 44,970 euros for the Model 3 Long Range in Germany, i.e. 5.3 percent less.

Update: Tesla has also reduced prices in other European markets, but in most cases less broadly and far than in Germany. For example, Sweden became reported a reduction of around 2 percent on Twitter. A Tesla employee told that the Model 3 in the higher Long Range and Performance versions now cost less in almost all of Europe than before. Apart from Germany, the basic model Standard Plus has only become cheaper in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium.


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