Up to 71,600 euros: That’s how much Tesla employees earn in Germany

This is how much employees in the German Tesla factory in Grünheide earn. Concrete salary examples for Tesla.

The news portal BW24 has compiled what employees in the German Tesla factory in Grünheide near Berlin earn. The Model Y rolls off the assembly line there, see also: Tesla Model Y – raging Pampers bomber in the test.

According to BW24, 3,500 people are currently employed in the Tesla factory in Grünheide. The final number of employees should be 12,000 at some point. Because in Grünheide batteries will also be manufactured in the future. Tesla should base its salary on the wage agreement of the metal and electrical industry. However, Tesla will not adopt the wage agreement.

Some information can already be found on salary portals such as Kununu. Accordingly, Tesla pays these salaries:

job title

Average annual salary (gross)

Motorcar mechanic

38,300 euros


71,600 euros


55,100 euros

Skilled production worker

33,900 euros

Automobile clerk

41,400 euros

team leader

58,100 euros

process engineer

67,900 euros

software developer

63,700 euros


38,200 euros

Sales force in retail

42,400 euros

According to BW24, these salaries should roughly correspond to the salaries paid at Mercedes-Benz, although engineers at Mercedes-Benz should probably earn more. However, there is probably a big difference. Experience has shown that employees of German automobile manufacturers receive generous bonuses. Tesla doesn’t have that. Apparently, there are no Christmas or holiday bonuses at Tesla either.

However, Tesla also hires employees who have not completed vocational training. You can read more about this in the German Tesla factory in Grünheide: From 2700 euros for the unskilled and the unemployed.

In addition, Tesla would pay more than would otherwise be usual in the Grünheide area, as the Handelsblatt writes. Because if you compare the salaries of Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Porsche with those of Tesla, you should not forget that the employees of the mentioned German car manufacturers live in areas with a high cost of living. In Grünheide, on the other hand, not only rents and property prices are likely to be significantly cheaper than, for example, in Munich, Ingolstadt or Stuttgart.

Tesla’s current job postings can be found here.

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