Update gives Windows 11 a desktop beautification

Microsoft is giving Windows 11 an innovation and many bug fixes with the KB5014019 update. The details.

For all devices with Windows 11, the update KB5014019 is currently being delivered via Windows Update in the preview version, with which Microsoft is integrating a new function into the operating system:

Windows Spotlight.

This is a new desktop theme for Windows 11.


: This Windows update KB5014019 disables virus scanners

On new Windows 11 machines being set up for the first time, Windows Spotlight will become the new default theme, replacing the previous Windows 11 default background (a sort of blue flower shaped out of fabric). Anyone who is already using Windows 11 can activate the new Windows Spotlight theme via the personalization settings for the desktop background after installing KB5014019.

KB5014019 is currently still an “optional update” and is therefore not automatically installed via Windows Update. On patch day in June, the update will then leave the preview status and be delivered to all Windows 11 users.

The current background can be rated and/or changed with a mouse click


The current background can be rated and/or changed with a mouse click


This is behind Windows Spotlight

Windows Spotlight fades in changing, chic wallpapers. Depending on the image displayed, the color of the taskbar and window also changes. Users can rate whether they find a motif beautiful and change the background with one click.

By the way, the desktop backgrounds are changed daily with Windows Spotlight. Every day there is a new, beautiful photo on the desktop. Provided, of course, that you turn on Windows Spotlight. If you have already selected a different desktop background, Windows Spotlight will not be activated automatically.

Unlike an ordinary theme pack, you don’t have the option to change the background every hour or every minute. You also don’t have the option to browse through desktop backgrounds to find one you like – not yet, anyway. It is possible that Microsoft will add this option in the future.

More changes with KB5014019

With KB5014019, the version number of Windows 11 increases from build 22000.675 to build 22000.708. In addition to Windows Spotlight, there are many smaller improvements and bug fixes. According to Microsoft, family safety verification for a child account will also improve when users submit a request for additional screen time. All further information about the update can be found here in the release notes.

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