Update macOS fixes bug with USB-C hubs

These are MacBook Pros from 2019 or later and MacBook Airs from 2020 or later, MacRumors writes. Several users reported that their machine would shut down if they connected it to USB-C hubs from some third-party, less reliable manufacturers.

With Big Sur 11.2.2, that problem should now be solved. Owners of a Mac with an M1 chip would have had problems in particular.

More problems with Big Sur

It’s not the first big problem with Big Sur. For example, Macs running low on disk space entered an unbreakable loop when trying to install the new operating system.

Apple had forgotten to include a feature that checked if there was enough space before Big Sur installed it. As a result, there was no usable operating system left and the Mac kept restarting itself. This bug was fixed in the previous update.


Macs with a new M1 chip were found to be vulnerable to so-called ‘Silver Sparrow’ malware earlier this week. At least 30,000 Macs were affected by the malware.


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