Update to Firefox 101 fixes 13 gaps

With the new browser version Firefox 101, Mozilla eliminates more than 13 vulnerabilities. Security updates are also available for Firefox ESR and Thunderbird.

Mozilla has released Firefox 101.0 and Firefox ESR 91.10.0. The developers mainly fixed security gaps and other bugs. Firefox can now (again) ask before downloading how to proceed with the file (open or save). Any number of microphones can now be used for web conferences in order to be able to switch between them.

The Firefox 101 update fixes at least 13 security vulnerabilities, of which Mozilla classifies at least eight as high risk. Another four vulnerabilities are classified as medium risk. Mozilla only lists vulnerabilities found internally in summary form, without specifying their number. According to Mozilla, some of these could potentially be exploited to inject and execute code. Attacks on Firefox vulnerabilities are currently not known.

Firefox: Settings for downloads

▶The latest security updates

The Firefox ESR 91.10.0 update closes at least eight vulnerabilities, almost all of which are considered high risk. These are essentially the same vulnerabilities fixed in Firefox 101. An updated Tor Browser based on Firefox ESR 91.10.0 is not yet available.

The new Thunderbird version 91.10.0 fixes nine vulnerabilities, mainly those inherited from Firefox’s mail program. Firefox code is used for HTML processing, among other things. There are also some bug fixes.

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 102 and Firefox ESR 91.12 and 102 on June 28th. This marks the start of a nearly two-month transition phase in which Firefox ESR 91.x and 102.x will be maintained in parallel. This transition will end on August 23 with the release of Firefox ESR 91.13, the last release of this version branch.

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