Update Whatsapp – that’s guaranteed to work

We explain to you how you can keep WhatsApp up to date and thus benefit more quickly from the new functions.

The Messenger Whatsapp is very popular and the developers regularly deliver new functions to users. But also for security reasons it is important to use the current version of Whatsapp.

Update Whatsapp for iPhone

If you

Whatsapp on iOS

– i.e. the iPhone – you can check in the App Store under “Updates” whether a new version is available and then install it if necessary. Under “New Features”, Whatsapp always lists the changes made in the App Store entry next to the current version number. Whatsapp currently supports all iOS versions from iOS 8 onwards on the iPhone. There is currently no app for iPod or iPad. At least with the iPad, however, there is a detour.

Whatsapp Beta on iOS:

You can also become a beta tester via Apple Testflight and receive new Whatsapp versions and thus new functions sooner – and yes, sometimes new bugs. The prerequisite for this is the installation of the Testflight app on the Apple device. You can then use this link to join the Whatsapp beta program. At least in theory, because the number of beta testers is limited and slots are only occasionally available for new beta testers. Until such a space becomes free, the message “This beta is full” appears.

Update Whatsapp for Android

All users who

Whatsapp on Android

use. You can use the Google Play Store app to check directly on your smartphone whether there is an update and then install it. At the top right, tap your profile picture, then tap “My Apps & Games”. Here you can also see when the Whatsapp app was last updated. On a PC, you can also use the Google Play Store website on this Whatsapp page to see which Android devices the app is already installed on.

Whatsapp Beta:

Would you like to test new functions in Whatsapp earlier? Then you can also register as a beta tester via this Google Play page. Beta testers receive updates more regularly than regular users. However: there can be bugs in such a beta version.

Whatsapp often offers new versions for Android more quickly via their own website for downloading as APK files. It always takes some time before the new versions provided by Whatsapp have passed the Google Play certification and are then actually available via the Google Play Store.

The version number is displayed directly below the download button. You can find out which version you are using on your Android smartphone in Whatsapp by tapping the menu button at the top right (the three dots) and selecting Settings -> Help -> App info.

The installation of an APK file that is not obtained directly from the Google Play Store requires that you also allow this on your Android, which is not allowed by default. In the Android settings under “Security” in the “Device Management” you will find the option to activate the installation of apps from “unknown sources” with a switch. We recommend that you only use this feature for installing Android apps

really trustworthy sources

to activate temporarily and then to deactivate again immediately afterwards.

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