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Upper Class Massacre | Movie

The massacre of the opening scene is caused by a woman, that much is clear in this thriller. But when we jump back in time six months, it turns out there are two possible killers. Main character Lizzie, daughter of the wealthy family, is constantly held down by her father and uncle. Bridget, the new housekeeper, is abused at night by the man of the house.

Feelings of revenge

In a chilly atmosphere of harsh white light, cluttered with threatening cellos and violins, these two women gently draw towards each other. This is not only due to their feelings of revenge in a toxic man’s world. Because they also appear to have feelings for each other. Although no one should know or notice that.

Kristen Stewart in particular plays a strong role in this, as a fearful housekeeper who actually wants more with her life. Lizzie below the surface is also a drama about women’s oppression and love in impossible times. A thriller with a thick tragic edge, in which lead actress Chloë Sevigny also manages to cultivate a lot of empathy.



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