Uri Geller withdraws ban on Pokémon after almost 20 years: ‘sorry for what I did’

Geller now tweets that he gives Nintendo permission to portray the Pokémon again. And that he ‘sincerely regrets’ what he did to children and adults at the time.

In 2000, he took Nintendo, the maker of Pokémon games and collectible cards, to court. He would have been depicted as a ‘malicious, mysterious Pokémon figure’, Trouw wrote about it at the time.

Kadabra is said to be a parody of him. Geller is known for bending spoons. In addition, the creature’s Japanese name, Yungerer, was too similar to his own name, according to him.

Rare card

After the lawsuit, Kadabra was not seen on the collection cards for about 17 years. In 2003, the last card was published with Kadabra on it.

Geller now informs the website The Gamer that he receives a lot of emails from fans asking to lift the ban. “That’s why I sent a letter to Nintendo with permission to reissue the card worldwide.” Geller predicts that the Kadabra card will now become “very rare.”


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