US Authority Investigates SpaceX After Rocket Crash

During the test, an unmanned prototype of a Starship missile was launched successfully into the air, but exploded a few minutes later when the missile was about to land on the launch pad at Boca Chica, Texas, in the United States.

SpaceX had not adhered to the conditions for which the FAA had granted permission in that test, reports tech site The Verge. Both the SpaceX license violation and the explosion prompted the FAA to formally investigate. It is not known which conditions the space company has not complied with.

New engines

The purpose of the test flight was to reach an altitude of about 12.5 kilometers, powered for the first time by three of the new Raptor engines developed by SpaceX. It is not known whether the Starship has reached that height.

Mission to Mars

The rocket, the size of a 16-storey flat, is designed to carry people and 100 tons of cargo in future missions to Mars and the moon.


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