US government asks Taiwan for help due to chip shortage

Taiwanese Economic Affairs Minister Wang Mei-hua reported on Saturday that she has received a letter from the White House about this.

Due to the corona pandemic, chip companies are struggling to supply enough chips to car manufacturers, who are suffering a lot from this. A large American car manufacturer like General Motors (GM) has even had to temporarily close certain factories. At other factories, cars are now being built without certain modules.

Taiwan is an important supplier of computer chips, including chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). According to Wang, Taiwanese semiconductor companies are “doing what they should” to address the problem. The minister also recently had a conversation with local chip manufacturers about the issue. TSMC has indicated that it will prioritize the production of chips for the automotive industry as soon as the company is able to increase production capacity.

High demand gadgets

The problems in the chip sector have arisen due to the strong demand for chips for smartphones, laptops and game consoles, for example, because many people have to stay at home because of the virus outbreak. On top of that are delivery problems caused by the pandemic. The issue appears to have become a diplomatic one. In addition to the United States, the German Minister of Economic Affairs has already asked Wang for help.


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