US Justice wants to sue Google for restricting competition

Google has been accused of taking advantage of its dominant market position. The lawsuits are being prepared at federal level and by prosecutors of individual states, according to the business newspaper. They have been investigating Google’s dominant position for some time. Initial charges could be brought this summer by the United States Department of Justice.


Much of the preliminary research focused on the search engine giant’s dominance in the online advertising market, according to The Wall Street Journal. Google provides the dominance technology for every step of the online advertising publishing process.

Prosecutors from the Justice Department would also have evidence that Google is thwarting competition in a broader sense.

Mega fines EU

Google has already received several billion fines in competition cases from the European Union. Last year, the European Commission fined the US company $ 1.5 billion for banning other contracted websites from posting ads from competing search engines.

In 2018, Google received a European record fine of over 4.3 billion euros for unfair competition with the Android mobile operating system.


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