US threatens China due to restrictions on passenger air traffic | Financial

The weekly Forbes reports on a letter from Deputy Transport Minister Joel Szabat to seven Chinese airlines. He demands that they report all their flights to the US before May 27, because he wants to see if “they might be against existing law or harm public interest.”

According to Forbes, the information requested is public and not surprising, but the reason Szabat gives for writing his letter would be a threat. China continues to refuse flights from US airlines under the policy to eradicate the corona virus.

United Airlines plans to resume four flights to China next month and Delta Air Lines two a week. However, in Beijing’s current corona policy, an airline is only allowed to operate one flight per week to China. China introduced rigorous restrictions in March, and many other countries did exactly the same. But now that the virus is on its way back, certainly in China, Washington thinks it has been beautiful. The US states that these corona measures now “constitute a restriction incompatible with the Aviation Conventions”.


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