US Veternan planned “invasion” from Colombia to Venezuela

Maduro boasts of having averted a robbery like the 1961 Bay of Pigs At that time, Cuban exiles tried, with the backing of the United States, Fidel Castro to overthrow.

This time there was probably not even backing up United States, although Democrats in Congress are now asking for clarification.

On May 3, the alleged invasion of Colombia to Venezuela. Jordan Goudreau and a second US veteran led a raid on a heavily guarded stretch of coast that cost at least eight young men and hundreds of prisoners.

Operation Gedeón was doomed from the start. Because 43-year-old Jordan Goudreau got the order to Overthrow only because it was so cheap. In September 2019, he was appointed by Juan Guaidó’s “special ambassador” Juan José Rendón and Sergio Vergara in an apartment in Miami hired. The written contract is there: Jordan Goudreau wanted to recruit 800 former GIs with a ridiculous $ 50,000 and with them from Colombia out Venezuela ambushed, president Maduro arrest and deliver to the Americans.

For that he should have received a success fee of $ 212 million, but only after the invasion and after the successful regime change.


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