USA sued North Koreans and Chinese for money laundering

North Korea according to the Department of Justice about a fraud and Money laundering network $ 2.5 billion to fund his Nuclear weapons program procured.

The ministry has charged 28 North Koreans and five Chinese with the charge of more than 250 letterbox companies for the Money laundering in the global banking system, they reported New York Times and other US media. You would have against international sanctions North Korea violate. The 50-page indictment was on Thursday (local time) at the federal court in the capital Washington published.

According to the US government, the money flowed to the foreign trade bank North Korea, which acts as a state currency bank. North Korea therefore used the money for the development of weapons of mass destruction. The Money laundering network is said to have been active as early as 2013 to counter the increasingly severe sanctions against the communist leadership in Pyongyang to be able to handle.
The accusation would have them United States her determination now signals, “North Korea to prevent illegal access to the US financial system, “it said New York Times in a statement by the investigative agency in the U.S. capital. The ability should also North Korea thereby restricting its earnings from illegal activities to “improve its illegal weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs”.

The case demonstrates the inability of the government by US President Donald Trump, Pyongyang from his Nuclear weapons program deterred by diplomacy, the newspaper wrote. After the failed summit between Trump and the North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un in February 2019 in Vietnam the bilateral nuclear negotiations are no longer making progress.


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