Use an older Fritzbox as a DECT repeater

With WLAN, a range problem can be dealt with with a repeater or an additional router or access point. You can also do the same if you want to improve the coverage of DECT for mobile landline telephones. As an alternative to a DECT repeater, you can use an older Fritzbox for this task.

If the Fritzbox or another router is used as a base station for DECT telephones, voice transmission dropouts or call interruptions can occur if the radio connection is poor. An annoying crackling noise during the call also indicates poor signal quality. As with WLAN, DECT radio technology, which works over the frequency range from 1880 to 1900 MHz, is influenced by interfering transmitters on these frequencies and structural conditions: the further the DECT telephone is away from the base station, the more the voice quality suffers.

Increase the DECT range with a repeater

Interfering radio connections can be resolved with the help of a DECT repeater, much like the lack of WLAN range – for example with the Fritz DECT 100 from AVM for around 75 euros. However, you can also use an older Fritzbox for this task: However, only the models come here

Fritzbox 7270 Version 3, Fritzbox 7390 and Fritzbox 7240

in question. Other Fritzbox models cannot work as DECT repeaters.

All Fritz boxes with DECT function can be used as a base station. As with a WLAN repeater, you should position the DECT repeater at a location where the phone has an optimal connection to the base station and no quality problems arise when making calls. Then the repeater can optimally extend the DECT radio link. You still have to register the DECT telephones with the base station, not with the repeater.

You can expand the DECT connection using a repeater. To do this, however, you have to check some settings in the base station.


You can expand the DECT connection using a repeater. To do this, however, you have to check some settings in the base station.

This is how you set up the DECT base station

  • In order for the Fritzbox to work with a repeater, you must switch off the key lock and the energy-saving measures for DECT transmission and activate DECT encryption.

  • You do this in the router menu under “System -› Keys and LEDs – ›Key lock”. The option “Key lock active” must not be marked.

  • In the “DECT -› Base station ”menu, there must be no tick next to the“ Reduce DECT radio power ”option and the“ Only allow secure DECT connections ”option must be active. You must also have set a four-digit PIN when registering.

How to set up a Fritzbox as a DECT repeater

  • For the Fritzbox with which you want to increase the DECT range, go to the “DECT” menu. The sub-item “Repeater” should appear there. Click on it and activate the option “DECT repeater active”.

  • Under “Registration”, enter the four-digit PIN code that you assigned on the DECT base station. Now save with “Apply”.

  • As a result, the DECT LED on the Fritzbox starts to flash, which shows you that the repeater is in registration mode. Now you have to press the DECT button on the Fritzbox, which works as a DECT base station, until it also starts to flash. When the two LEDs are no longer lit, the base station and repeater are connected.


The Fritzbox can provide more than just Internet access. The combination devices offer, among other things, their own NAS storage and allow access to their own network via the Internet.

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