Use old post phones despite All-IP – even without a landline

Old post telephones are trinkets and it is a shame to shut them down due to the times. But there is a remedy.

Until the end of the 1980s, you had to rent your phone in the old Federal Republic from the Federal Post Office at the time and pay for this in addition to the actual connection: lastly, 2.39 Deutsche Mark per month for a rotary phone, 3.02 Mark was due for a model with a keypad. And for a further surcharge, there were even design devices from the early 1980s, including the Dallas model or the Mickey Mouse telephone. Anyone who owns one of these telephones or even the classic W48 does not have to take it out of operation simply because the telecommunications companies have now switched all connections to pure Internet telephony (All-IP or VoIP). However, as a rule, you can no longer simply plug your phone into the wall socket as before, but have to connect it to a router.

There, however, a new problem arises, because many of the current routers with telephony functions only support the tone dialing method that is now common, but not the pulse dialing that was previously common in the postal apparatus. If your old phone cannot be switched to tone dialing, the only thing left is to try it out on the router – nothing can break! In the editorial office, for example, the widespread Fritzbox 7490 with current software supports pulse dialing without problems. However, if the router does not respond when dialing, a tone-pulse dial converter like the Reiner 120060 IWV / MFV converter (approx. 40 euros) helps.

You are more restricted in terms of device technology if you want to operate a landline phone without a landline or internet connection, for example in a holiday apartment. But even that is possible! To do this, you need one of the very few cell phone routers that have an analog phone jack. With the Fritzbox 6890 LTE, AVM is providing a current model, which, however, costs over 300 euros.

Old telephones from the time of the Bundespost are back in fashion: Such devices can still be operated, even on modern VoIP connections.


Old telephones from the time of the Bundespost are back in fashion: Such devices can still be operated, even on modern VoIP connections.

The two older Fritz boxes 6840 LTE and 6842 LTE are sold on Ebay between 60 and 100 euros. The XSBox R6V42 WiFi router from 4G Systems and the DWR-512 model from D-Link are offered much less frequently, the latter mostly for less than 20 euros. Both devices do not transmit in the 4G network (LTE), but only support 3G (UMTS). If the LTE predecessor is switched off one day – the time has not yet been determined – these routers are practically useless.

We tried the device from D-Link: It works perfectly with tone dialing and, in addition to the telephony option, also offers internet as usual, via WiFi and network cable. A converter is required for old pulse selection devices.

One more note at the end: The D-Link router only has the network-like RJ11 socket to connect the analog telephone. If your phone has the previous TAE plug, replace the cable with one with two RJ11 plugs or use a TAE-RJ11 adapter. If you are primarily concerned with the feel of a telephone with a handset or with the look, you can also buy a desk phone with a SIM card for the mobile phone connection. One example is the Motorola FW200L model for around 60 euros.

For telephones with a retro design – some of these models are even available with dials – you have to spend around twice as much.


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