Use your electronic ID card with your smartphone

Before the end of this year, it should be possible to save your personal information from your ID card on your smartphone.

For identification, unlike in the past, you no longer need the ID card itself, but only the PIN to activate the stored data in the app.

A distinction must be made between this and the eID function of the identity card. You use your own mobile phone as an electronic card reader for your ID in order to securely authenticate yourself to authorities or companies on the Internet. This requires the ID card app 2, which is available for Android and Apple phones as well as for Windows and Mac OS.

You can carry out the actual identification via the Internet, including the subsequent tasks, on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can only use the mobile device as an NFC ID card reader, forward the data to the computer and then carry out the desired service. You can read more details on this in our online guide.

A final note: The so-called Online Access Act obliges the federal and state governments to make their administrative services digitally available for citizens and businesses by the end of next year – whether this will be completely successful in the remaining twelve months or more appears to be questionable.


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