Use your points: all the proof that Rocky is de Mol

Note: This article contains spoilers.

Stone Good

In the assignment Stone Good, Rocky in particular behaves suspiciously. Candidates must lift specific garments in a shed. They find out which items they should have by opening lockers. In a mine further up the road, Charlotte, Rocky and Marije hunt for the codes needed to open the lockers.

Although Marije is convinced that there are even more codes, the football star wants to end the search early. Suspicious. Moments later, Rocky makes herself suspicious again when she can’t wait to take over Charlotte’s job. She communicated the codes to the team in the shed. She makes a big mistake: Rocky gives the order to search for locker 099 instead of 660.

Makes sense

In the same episode, Rocky has taken a key position in the Meaningful quest. Scattered across an industrial estate, the candidates can find fifty boxes of words. To earn 1,500 euros for the pot, they have to make five sentences with it. Rocky is one of the candidates who chooses to drive onto the site to collect crates. Although Charlotte keeps asking for a specific chest, Rocky insists she can’t find it. Bad luck or a Mole promotion?


Remarkably, it is Rocky who is the first to leave the bus in the Letterbox assignment. On the way they come across ten stops where one person is allowed to get off at a time. Candidates must therefore consider what information they share with whom. As a candidate you want to gain as much information as possible. To do that, it is smart to let the other candidates out first. So Rocky does the opposite.


To earn money for the pot during this assignment, all candidates must leave prison on time. Marije is unable to get out. While the clock is counting down, it is Rocky who proposes to go out and leave Marije. The consequence? 0 euros for the pot.

Who what where?

This task is played out in the beautiful setting of the Prachov rocks: a labyrinth of sandstone rock formations, hiking trails and viewpoints. Are those rock formations a hint to Rocky?

Provide security

Rocky makes herself very suspicious when, just like Marije and Charlotte, she offers a whopping 5,000 euros – almost half the pot – to gain inside information about the next assignment. As a Mol she does not need that prior knowledge, but she does benefit from it if the pot stays as low as possible.

In the episode, the athlete receives the third offer from Rik, which seems to be a reference to the title of the episode: ‘Count to three’.


A special assignment with the allure of Expedition Robinson: the participants have to enter the water to burn tubes through with fire. There is money and money in the tubes. Charlotte, in particular, tries to drive the group apart just before the end by claiming that the right tubes were not taken. Rocky agrees a little too easily. Is she grateful that someone else is taking on the Molwerk, so that she only has to encourage it from the sidelines?

The Red Thread

The candidates suddenly receive a phone call from presenter Rik van de Westelaken. They have to make four duos, with in each duo a candidate who is not afraid of heights and a candidate who can kayak. In addition, it is important that each duo trust each other, again. Rocky appears to be abusing her power. It depended entirely on her whether or not they would take the exemption. Does the episode title “Hang On” refer to her?

Let’s not forget that during the test she first clicked on her own name when the question ‘Wie is de Mol?’ appeared on the screen. Moments later, she changed her choice to Joshua.

In one fell swoop

The eighth episode is entitled ‘In one fell swoop’. Just before the test, the participants are given the opportunity to win trumps. For that they have to trust each other and that is very difficult at this stage of the game. Rocky is suspicious, because she goes ‘in one fell swoop’ for Charlotte’s advice. A choice that will ultimately cost her dear. Charlotte therefore gets two jokers.

Splinter must be just before the final of Who is the mole? leave the game. In RTL Boulevard he looks back on the adventure in the Czech Republic.


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