Used camper VW Grand California under 60,000 euros

Big California under 60,000 euros

The VW Grand California has been following in the footsteps of the LT Florida since 2019. The first used cars are now cheap. An example!

Van-based motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular. They combine the space of a mobile home with the manageable dimensions of a van. I know that too VW and therefore offers since 2019 the Grand California at.That on the VW Crafter assembled camper inherits Florida, which was set over 20 years ago and was once made out of one VW LT made an open-top camper. New camping vehicles from the house Volkswagen are not exactly cheap, so: If you don’t necessarily want a new car, you should take a closer look at this used Grand California 600.

Two-liter TDI with 177 hp

Less than 60,000 euros for the Florida heir

As a camper, this Crafter is also properly equipped at the front.

The campingCrafter is with one 177 hp two-liter TDI fitted. Over a Eight-speed automatic the engine power is delivered to the front wheels. The first approved in June 2019 Grand California was a Demonstration vehicle of the dealer and has only so far 6500 kilometers completed. So the bus just came in. Despite used car status: 57,990 euros are still due for the camper. But then there is a well-equipped vehicle that got four out of five points in the test by AUTO BILD REISEMOBIL.

Modern interior for the next trip

Less than 60,000 euros for the Florida heir

The living area is modern and clean. The kitchen island also houses the refrigerator.

Volkswagen has at Grand California great emphasis is placed on good ergonomics. The living area of ​​the large California consists many white surfacesthat can be easily wiped off. The two Front seats can be turned and turn the front half of the car into a Common room. Behind the back seat is the Wet room built-in. In addition to one Toilet also the opportunity to take a shower on the trip. For the physical well-being with the help of Kitchenette in the entrance area worried. It has one kitchen sink, a Two-burner gas stove and enough Storage space for common cooking utensils. The refrigerator is also hidden in this kitchenette. It is designed as a drawer and opens into the entry of the Crafter. Big advantage: If you are in front of the car and need drinks or food, you don’t have to crawl into the car every time. The Grand offers sleeping accommodations California sufficient space for all four occupants. A large folding bed is built in at the rear, and there is space for an additional two people in the small front alcove.

Well equipped thanks to extra equipment

Less than 60,000 euros for the Florida heir

There is plenty of storage space in the rear. The bed can be folded down, so that a passage remains.

Even if the basic camping equipment already offers good utility, it is Standard equipment of the driver’s cab is rather spartan. Here is the Crafter quite a delivery van. Fortunately, this used copy was a demonstration vehicle in the first life, which is why there are a lot of extras that make the trip much more pleasant. This includes the “Discover Media” infotainment system, which in addition to a touchscreen and navigation also includes Apple Carplay and Android Auto. This Grand California also comes with Seat heating, automatic climate control and a heated multifunction leather steering wheel to the next owner. As far as security is concerned Crafter with LED headlights, a trailer assistant (trailer coupling only prepared) and one Cross wind assistants fitted. If you take all the equipment details together, you end up with such a grand California easy at a new price of around 70,000 euros. So this used car is not a bad deal! Here are more used VW California with a guarantee!


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