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In case you haven’t noticed: The days when hybrids and electric cars annoyed dealers as slow-moving goods are over. Over 60,000 hybrid vehicles were newly registered according to KBA in September – with only around 30,000 diesels.

The part-time streamers à la Prius are also slowly becoming interesting for used car buyers. But:

Are there already any hybrids on the used car market?

Yes, there are already some models there. Most of them are so-called Full hybrids (HEV). In short, this means: All-electric driving yes, charging at the socket no – the latter can only be mastered by them Plug-ins (PHEV). Full hybrids, on the other hand, only get their electricity from the Recovery of braking energy.

In this way, the vehicles can always manage without a plug with their smaller battery only short distances are emission-freebefore the burner helps them again. Never recharge having to, but also has advantages. Quite for drivers without a private charging facility it is what makes hybrid driving attractive in the first place. Also, the smaller battery improves the Environmental balance and holds that Vehicle weight low.

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Which models are needed?

Of the Trendsetter among hybrid vehicles: Toyota’s Prius, which has been driving on Germany’s roads since 2000. Its look takes getting used to. The same or similar technology can also be found in the Small car Yaris and at Golf competitor Auris (called Corolla again in the latest generation), as well as at Premium subsidiary brand Lexus.
Even Honda offered partially electric cars early on: One electrified variant of jazz, for example, or the Prius competitors Insight. Then came the 2016 Technology twins Kia Niro and Hyundai Ioniq on the market.

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