Used Ford Mustang GT with V8 at a bargain price

Ford Mustang GT at a bargain price

The Ford Mustang GT offers a lot of car for little money. A 421 hp Mustang 5.0 is currently being sold at a bargain price!

Ein Mustang needs a V8! Even if the mustang brings decent driving performance with four-cylinder EcoBoost, but at least the sound is missing. Especially since the 450 hp Mustang GT with a base price of 47,800 euros, it is only around 6,000 euros more expensive than the 290 hp entry-level model. Pre-facelift models with moderate mileage are even cheaper!

Ford Mustang GT for sale

The sixth generation of the legendary Ford Mustang came onto the market in 2014 and has also been officially sold in Germany since 2015. The 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine was used for the first time in the new model mustang introduced, which despite 317 HP initially only caused a tired smile from real muscle car fans. There was also the in Germany Mustang GT with a befitting 5.0-liter V8 with 421 hp and 530 Nm, outside of Europe there was also one mustang V6, which made 305 hp. Donated to model year 2018 ford the sixth Mustang generation an extensive facelift including a fresh look, new chassis, an optional ten-speed automatic and more power for the top model. Since then, the V8 has been producing 450 hp and 569 Nm, while the small four-cylinder engine had to lose power and has since been delivered with 290 hp.

Many Mustang with repaired accident damage

Ford Mustang GT at a bargain price

Visually, the Mustang makes a good impression. The black rims match the dark red paint.

A look at the AUTO BILD used car exchange shows that the offer mustang the sixth generation is big. A Mustang GT from 2017 is sold in Bad Nauheim. It is a pre-facelift model that produces 421 hp, comes from first hand and has only been driven 42,893 kilometers. In the pictures the Mustang makes a neat impression and according to the authorized dealer Ford Kögler it is mustang accident-free, which is not the case with many of the specimens offered. You should definitely pay attention to this.

Former new price around 49,000 euros

Ford Mustang GT at a bargain price

Until the facelift 2018, the Mustang was available with six-speed manual or automatic.

Painted on the “Ruby Red Metallic” Mustang GT it is a German vehicle and not a reimport, which can be particularly important when reselling. Since the Mustang GT Even as standard with many options such as double-pipe exhaust, six-piston Brembo brake, leather and more, the first owner hardly had to order any extras. The 2500 Euro premium package II includes the Navi Sync 2 with touchscreen, 19-inch GT rims, ventilated seats and some other features and is with this GT as well as the six-speed automatic. Together with the metallic paint, the new price was around 49,000 euros. Now the Ford dealer wants 33,970 euros for the Mustang. A price that is quite okay as it is based on this mustang there is also a used car guarantee. The cheapest 2017 V8 models start online at around 29,000 euros, but there are many U.S. re-imports that are less price-stable. Overall, the selection of used Mustang GT less than 35,000 euros.


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