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Useful WhatsApp functions that you may not be familiar with

WhatsApp has become an integral part of our daily life. WhatsApp has more than a billion users worldwide. The app processes almost 42 billion messages per day. Even if you know the app through and through, there are always things you might not know about WhatsApp.

For example, the app regularly comes with new features. Here you will find a number of relatively unknown, but useful functions at a glance.

1. You can format texts on WhatsApp

Sometimes you want to emphasize certain words in an app. In become or when writing an email, of course, we do this by making words bold or underlined. Did you know you can also do this on WhatsApp? If you write the words that you type between two special characters, the text will automatically appear in bold, italics, or strikethrough. You get a bold word by typing the word between * asterisks *. With a _underscore_ you can make the text italic. You get a strikethrough text by using a ~ tilde ~.

2. Make messages disappear by expiration date

WhatsApp has recently introduced a function that allows users to give an expiration date to their apps. With the expiration date enabled, the messages will disappear from a chat within seven days. You enable this function by clicking on the name of the contact. Then select “messages with due date” and tap “on”. Keep in mind with this function that images that are sent are often immediately saved in your gallery and the gallery of the recipient. This means that the image is still in the gallery if the actual message has already been deleted. In addition, you should also take into account that the recipient can take screenshots of messages, so that he or she can still see them.

3. Easily remember things by marking

If you need to remember an important text message, it is useful to mark it with a star. This marking makes it very easy to find that one important thing among thousands of apps. You give messages such a mark by first pressing the app for a long time. A star icon will then appear that you must select. You can find a list of starred messages by clicking the menu button and selecting “Starred messages.” This will save you a lot of stress.

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4. Who is your WhatsApp BFF?

Do you want to know who your most used contact is on WhatsApp? You can easily find out. Go to settings, click on “storage and data” and select “manage storage”. A list of all chats listed from highest to lowest MBs appears. You can click on each chat and view detailed statistics such as the number of messages exchanged and the images sent. With this new storage section of WhatsApp you can easily delete large files from chats. It’s a nice feature to take a look at.

5. View the details of your WhatsApp messages sent

With message details you can check what time a message was delivered and what time the recipient read the message. iPhone users do this by swiping the message to the left. Android users have to press a message longer, after which they can click an info button. That way you know exactly who is ignoring you in group chats.

6. Mute chats

Do you have to concentrate very well for something, but do you always get distracted by notifications or flashing lights from incoming apps? Then you can choose to mute conversations. Android users can mute chats by long-pressing the chat and then pressing the crossed-out megaphone icon. iPhone users must swipe the app to the left and then click mute. This way you can continue working undisturbed.

7. Hide last seen

Sometimes it can be quite annoying that others can see when you were last online. People quickly feel ignored when they see that you have been online. This problem can easily be eliminated by hiding your “last seen”. You do this by going to your settings and choosing profile. Then select privacy and there you can find hide last seen.

8. Hide read receipts

Do you want to take it a step further and even hide your reading receipts? With this, other users can no longer see your “blue check marks”. This option is under Last seen in the privacy settings. Keep in mind that with this option enabled you can no longer see the read receipts of others.

9. Clean up gallery? Turn off media visibility

Is your folder “WhatsApp images” also completely full of photos that are of no use to you? You can easily fix this by making a small change. On an iPhone, you do this by going to settings and selecting the “chats” tab. Here you have to disable the option “save to camera roll”. Android users should also be in the chats settings, but should turn off “media visibility” here.

10 WhatsApp Web

This is a well-known phenomenon for most, but it is still worth mentioning. WhatsApp web is a web version of WhatsApp. This is ideal for when you have many different conversations at the same time or need to forward large files. To log in to WhatsApp Web you just need to scan a QR code. It couldn’t be easier.

11. Custom Notifications

You can set a custom notification for every chat on WhatsApp, so that you can easily recognize which chat you receive a notification from. On android devices you do this by clicking on the chat menu and selecting “custom notifications”. On an iPhone, you can click on the name of a contact and choose “custom tone”.

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Useful WhatsApp functions that you may not be familiar with


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