‘User numbers Google Stadia were very disappointing’

Bloomberg spoke to two anonymous stakeholders. The figures of both the number of controllers sold and the number of monthly users would have been against Google.

At the same time, the company is said to have paid tens of millions for the rights to games from companies such as Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed) and Take Two (Red Dead Redemption II). CEO Phil Harrison would have wanted to compete with Sony and Microsoft, while Stadia was not yet ready for it according to developers.

Leading up to the launch, Google called Stadia “the future of gaming”. However, the game offer turned out to be very disappointing.

At the beginning of this month, Stadia unexpectedly closed its internal game studio. The company wanted to focus more on collaboration with other companies.

Stadia is a cloud gaming service. You can stream purchased games from the Stadia servers to a screen, without having to run the game on your own system.


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