Using a Whatsapp account on two smartphones should be possible soon

In the future, WhatsApp will allow you to use a messenger account on two smartphones at the same time.

Currently, Whatsapp members can only use Messenger with their account on one device. Although the service can also be activated on the PC at the same time via Whatsapp Web, it has not been possible to use Whatsapp on two smartphones or on a smartphone and tablet at the same time. That should change in the future.

Link two devices at the same time

As WABetainfo found out from the current Whatsapp beta version for Android, Whatsapp is preparing a new multi-device option. In the beta, Whatsapp shows a new splash page when users try to start Whatsapp on a second device. Here the option “Register device as companion” opens and users have the option of registering a second device via their Whatsapp account. In the beta, the option can currently only be seen in the source code. It is not yet active in the Android app.

Release date of the new function is not yet known

In the current beta version, a QR code on the display of the second device must be scanned with the smartphone camera to register. If the link is confirmed, Whatsapp can be used on two devices at the same time. This function could be practical for smartphone owners who want to use Whatsapp on their tablet at the same time. The function could also be useful for users who want to access their private Whatsapp account on their work smartphone. It is not yet known when the use of multiple devices will be available to all Whatsapp users.

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