UvA and HvA students and teachers receive phishing emails after an attack

Cyber ​​criminals hope to get their hands on usernames and passwords if people fall for them. The emails state that people should check their account or change their password as both institutions have been hit by a cyber attack.

“A number of other attackers are trying to exploit the current situation. They send emails to employees and students, supposedly from the AUAS or the UvA, asking them to check the account or change your password. be alert “, the UvA says.

‘Professional hackers’

The cyber attack came to light on Wednesday. The university and college do not want to say whether the attackers placed ransomware, but say the attack was carried out by “professional hackers looking for financial gain”.

The UvA and the HvA share their computer systems. Despite the attack, they are online and can be used. Education and scientific research are “only slightly” affected by the attack.

University of Maastricht

At the end of 2019, Maastricht University was hit by ransomware. The attackers then encrypted all files on 267 servers and demanded a ransom.

The university eventually paid the demanded amount of 30 bitcoin. At the time, that was worth about 197,000 euros.


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