Vacation trip in the Tesla Model 3, part 3: Store in the big city and a Tesla nest in Berlin

We were on the way in a Tesla Model 3 standard range plus to various leisure parks in Germany to gain intensive travel experience with the electric car. After successfully completing the first two stages of our road trip, our longest route so far awaited the Tesla on the third day: almost 320 kilometers were ahead of us, which is why we started again at 100 percent. This time the navigation system calculated a stop at the supercharger in Nempitz. After a short 20 minute ice and toilet break, we went to Berlin. There is a large supercharger in Belitz right outside Berlin. Due to the large number of tourists, access there is only possible after entering a pin, which is displayed directly in the navigation system. We reloaded there for 10 minutes, although not really necessary.

A Tesla nest around a Berlin charging station

After entering Berlin, along the former automobile traffic and training road (AVUS), we parked at a public charging station near the zoological garden. Here you can clearly see that there is a lot going on in the big cities. The first two charging points were occupied by hybrids from Audi and Mercedes. We could see the occupancy in our EnBW mobility + app and did not drive to it specifically, but passed it on our way to the free charging point. It is noticeable that there are many charging points available, at least in Berlin. The charging station we were aiming for was free and allowed parking for four hours while charging. We did not find a charging station directly at the zoological garden.

After our visit to the zoological garden, we headed for the hotel. Here, too, there was a charging station in the immediate vicinity. When we went to the restaurant in the evening, it turned out that the charging station we were using caused a kind of Tesla nest: There were a total of seven Teslas nearby. That means: Here it seemed normal to vacate the column after the end of the shop so that others could get electricity – although no sign restricted the permitted parking time.

Electric car drivers are considerate

We spoke to a Tesla driver who also started the charging process right next to us. He confirmed our assumption and said that it has not been a problem for him to charge at this public charging station for two years. Everyone would show consideration for the other. However, he criticized the fact that he had already received two penalties because although he was charging at the pillar with his Tesla, his car did not have an e-license plate. But he did not take action against this, the expense for 10 euros is not worth it.

During our stay in Berlin, the impression we had in our hometown Leipzig was confirmed: There are enough charging stations in big cities, and electric car drivers are considerate of each other. In the next part of this series you will learn more about privileges for them such as free parking and charging.


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