Vacation trip in the Tesla Model 3, part 4: Free charging in Brandenburg and curious questions

The fourth stage of our vacation test trip with the Tesla Model 3 SR + led to the Tropical Island in Brandenburg – a stone’s throw of almost 150 kilometers. This time we only charged the battery to 90 percent before leaving and didn’t have to recharge on the way to the huge bathing temple.

Exclusive benefits for electric cars

During our visit, the Tesla Model 3 charged free of charge, so that the entire day’s stage remained free in this regard. Here it was shown that electric cars have some clear advantages today. Firstly, we were allowed to drive right up to the main entrance because a charging station was available there. Second, we could charge for free at the free charging point. All other visitors sometimes had to walk long distances, but we loaded directly in front of the door of the former Cargolifter hall.

Because a long stage was waiting for us the next day, we fully charged the battery with the remaining 10 percent. As before with the Tesla in Berlin, we were again able to get to know charging cooperation among electric car drivers and even contribute to it: A small message was stuck behind the windshield wiper of our Model 3, in which we politely asked to let us know as soon as we had the No longer need the charging station. We did that, of course, and the other electric driver could also charge.

Tesla becomes a contact broker

It was also noticed again how easy it is to get into conversation with complete strangers via the Tesla. As often as with our Tesla Model 3, we have not been approached in the past. “How expensive?” And “How far can you get with it?” Are the most frequently asked questions. We currently find this exciting – in the future it might be annoying, but then more Tesla drivers should be available for information.

The Tropical Island example shows that it is currently still often possible to charge for free. What is also offered in the parking meter spaces in some cities, which, together with privileged charging parking, is of course a significant extra benefit for Tesla and other electric cars. In the next and last episode of our travel report with the Model 3 you can find out which problems we had with a supercharger and which electric car conditions Heidepark Soltau offers.


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