Vaccinated nurse infected with the coronavirus: why this is no surprise

The American news channel ABC today released a news story that undoubtedly raised eyebrows. A nurse who was vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine has still contracted the corona virus. Is that proof that the vaccine doesn’t work? Not at all.

Many experts and the WHO have reported several times in the past that the vaccine is not a panacea. The disease does not go away and the vaccinated could become a super spreader. According to experts, there is a risk that when someone is vaccinated he no longer pays attention to the rules in force.

What changes is our body’s ability to respond positively to disease and to develop antibodies. But the contamination does not go away, any more than the contagiousness of some vaccinated people.

The nurse Matthew W. is the textbook example of this. The 45-year-old became infected six days after receiving the vaccine.

The symptoms?

The nurse showed symptoms again. But according to the doctors there is no reason to panic yet. After all, the body can take 10 to 14 days to develop an effective immune system. And to be optimally protected, Pfizer says, it also takes two doses. The first dose would be only 50 percent effective, the second 95 percent.

According to another hypothesis, the nurse would have contracted the virus before he was vaccinated, since the incubation period is 14 days. Finally, as mentioned, no vaccine is 100 percent effective.


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