Vaccine dispute: fuss over crisis meeting between EU and AstraZeneca

Awarding of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Sunderland, UK.

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The vaccine dispute between the EU and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is taking increasingly sharp turns: AstraZeneca had canceled a meeting with EU representatives scheduled for Wednesday evening, according to the EU Commission. A short time later the news: The meeting will take place at 6.30 p.m. in the evening.

An AstraZeneca spokesman told the German Press Agency: “We can confirm that we have not withdrawn from the talks with the EU Commission that are planned for today.”

The meeting is said to be about the reduced delivery volume of the corona vaccine manufactured by the company to the EU, announced by AstraZeneca at the beginning of the week. Originally just under 80 million vaccine doses were supposed to be delivered in the first quarter, now it will probably only be around 31 million. According to information from, Germany will receive 3.3 million cans each in February and March.

AstraZeneca plans to deliver almost 60 percent less vaccine than planned

There was already a meeting between the EU Commission and AstraZeneca on Monday due to the reduced delivery volume.

The group blames problems in the European supply chain and the late order date – the vaccine contract was signed in August – for the problem. AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot said in an interview published on Wednesday with “Die Welt” and other European newspapers: “We have promised our ‘best efforts’ that we will do our best. The reason was that Brussels wanted to be supplied more or less at the same time as the British – even though they had signed three months earlier. That’s why we promised to try, but not committed ourselves to the contract. “

However, the EU does not want this to apply, it insists on an improved delivery offer for the 1st quarter, if necessary also through deliveries from plants in Great Britain. These are contractually possible, according to an internal EU paper that has.



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