Vaccine production: Kurz travels to Israel on March 4th

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will travel to Israel on March 4th, together with the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. A meeting is planned with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Chancellor announced this on Friday during a background discussion in front of journalists.

The aim of the trip is a cooperation between the three countries in the research and production of corona vaccines in phase II, namely when the current vaccines against mutations have partially lost their effectiveness. Kurz already mentioned a specific project: The Klosterneuburg vaccine manufacturer “Polymun”, which is already involved in the production of the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine, is to be part of the cooperation.

In addition, two other Austrian pharmaceutical companies for the production of other corona vaccines are under discussion. There is also an Israeli-Danish pharmaceutical company that is to be included in the three-country project.

“Prepare for further mutations and possible new pandemics”

“It’s about bundling our strengths here as well as possible. Our number one priority is to accelerate the production and procurement of vaccines for the future,” emphasized Short. There was also agreement on this at the EU video summit.

“At the Green Pass, the Israel already introduced, we need to move forward much faster in the EU. There is now a gratifying move in the right direction, “took Short Reference to the ongoing work in the EU on a digital passport, which should make it easier for vaccinated, tested and convalescent when traveling and in other areas.

“But the most important thing is to learn the right lessons from the pandemic and to be better prepared for the future. We have to prepare for further mutations of the coronavirus and new, possibly more dangerous, pandemics,” said Short continue. This has already been discussed in the context of the “first mover” countries and is now being implemented with Denmark and Israel. “We will work closely together in the research and production of vaccines.” Willing in the coming days Short hold talks with Austrian scientists and pharmaceutical companies.


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