Vaccine skepticism among nurses: $ 500 premium

$ 500 bonus

However, a look across the Atlantic suggests that restraint could remain: In the Texas city of Houston in the USA, a hospital promised its employees a bonus of 500 dollars – a prerequisite for this, however, was a vaccination against Corona. Medical workers in America are the first to be vaccinated. According to reports, around a quarter to a third of them – depending on the region – have so far refused the injection.

Authorities fear a bad signal effect on the waiting rest of the US population. The research center “PEW” published a survey from November, according to which 39 percent of the approximately 330 million Americans “probably” or “certainly” did not want to be vaccinated. However, this number has already been significantly worse and is likely to continue to change the more people are successfully immunized.

Nancy Messonier, director of immunization for the CDC, said on Wednesday she was “concerned” about skepticism among medical staff. More education about the safety of vaccinations needs to be done.


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