Value8 and Kersten want to restart the bankrupt Resource Center

HMC provided various tools across the country to help people be self-reliant and live at home longer. These are, for example, walkers, wheelchairs, crutches and adapted beds.

Emergency credit

In the first weeks after the bankruptcy, the services could be continued thanks to an emergency loan from the Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten. RTL Z reported last week that the restart was near.

Market leaders Medux (Medipoint) and Welzorg indicated last week that they were interested in taking over parts of the Resource Center. But now the intended restarter appears to be Kersten, one of the smaller players in the market for medical devices that are supplied under the Social Support Act (WMO).

Vulnerable customers

The short-term efforts are mainly aimed at continuing to provide services to the 50,000 vulnerable customers of the Resource Center. Kersten majority shareholder Value8 expects to be able to retain many jobs when restarted. The healthcare company employed almost four hundred employees.

Value8 emphasizes that finalizing the restart of ‘various, partly external, factors’ depends. “At the same time, final agreement must be reached on the contractual arrangement of the intended transaction. There is therefore no assurance that the restart will take place.”


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