Valve warns: Steam deck having issues during heatwaves

The mobile gaming platform Valve can throttle its own performance when the outside temperature is too high – or even switch off completely.

Steam developer Valve

before using the mobile gaming platform Steam Deck when outside temperatures are too high. Nintendo had already issued a similar warning for the Nintendo Switch on Monday.

As Valve explains on Twitter, the Steam Deck works best when the outside temperature is between 0 and 35 °C. If this limit is exceeded, the device may throttle its own performance to protect the hardware. Because the ambient temperature also has an influence on the temperatures of the installed components.

The APU, i.e. the combination of CPU and graphics unit in the Steam Deck, is designed for a temperature of up to 100 °C. If this temperature is exceeded, the device throttles the performance until it even switches off completely at 105 °C. According to Valve, this should not only protect the device, but also the user.

Electronic devices should generally not be used in strong sunlight or at extreme temperatures. So if you want to play on your Steam deck, it’s best to do so in a shady place – preferably at home.

Many countries are currently suffering from high temperatures, including Germany this week will probably reach up to 40°. It is particularly extreme in Great Britain at the moment, in London a major disaster situation has already been declared due to several fires.

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