‘Van Lienden wanted to enforce mouth masks deal with tweets’

Follow the Money reports this, based on its own research. The site saw a WhatsApp message from Van Lienden.

“I just threw a cry for help on Twitter to open a political door. Assistant minister is now in the app,” Van Lienden would have written on April 10, 2020. A day later, the domain names of the commercial company were registered, where the income came in.

Working well protected

In tweets that have since been deleted, Van Lienden wrote, among other things, “Believe me: within 1-2 weeks everyone in the Netherlands can work well protected in healthcare.”

Ultimately, a profit of 20 million euros was made via the BV. Van Lienden himself was left with 9 million euros.

Follow the Money reports based on sources that the pressure was the direct reason for the Ministry of Health to close the deal with Van Lienden.

wait for investigation

Van Lienden and his business partners declined to respond to questions from Follow the Money. They say they are awaiting the investigation into the deal.

The day before yesterday it was announced that lawyer Peter Plasman is filing a complaint against Van Lienden and his business partners. Plasman represents a group of people who say they have been harmed by the controversial deal Van Lienden made with the government.

Together with comedian Youp van ‘t Hek, Plasman wants to prevent Van Lienden and his business partner from getting away with the millions they earned from the mouth mask deal. It will not cost the injured people any money, emphasizes the lawyer:

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