Van Quickenborne: “Collect as many corona fines as possible immediately”

M.Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open Vld) wants to have as many corona fines as possible paid immediately. “The law enforcement services will pay extra attention to the three priority violations,” said the minister.

The new corona measures started on Friday. In concrete terms, this means, among other things, that the cafés must close at 11 pm and that the so-called rule of four applies. The police and public prosecutors will monitor compliance with the measures. That said Van Quickenborne in an interview with Radio 1.

The three priority rules

The law enforcement authorities will pay particular attention to the three priority infringements. These are the rules about wearing a face mask on public transport, enforcing the “rule of four” outside, and the timely closing of cafes and restaurants at 11pm and 1am respectively.

The minister also wants the fines to be collected locally as much as possible. Offenders can pay their fines with a terminal or a QR code. The minister speaks of a double advantage: “That is good for the people, because they don’t get a criminal record, and better for the Justice Department, because there is no paperwork involved.”

Fines up to 750 euros

Anyone who cannot pay the fine immediately will receive an amicable settlement. “We have decided to appoint corona magistrates per district, who specialize in dealing with cases that have not yet been paid,” said the minister.

Citizens who do not comply with the rules can be fined up to 250 euros. For catering operators, fines can be up to 750 euros.

The minister calls on everyone to follow the stricter rules. “Don’t do it because you fear a fine, but out of respect for your parents and grandparents, that’s the essence. We’ve already lost enough lives in this country. “


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