Variety in traffic light races: Tesla Model X against a fast Suzuki motorcycle

Videos of spontaneous duels between Tesla’s electric cars and mostly PS-powered burners are no longer published very often and if little attention is paid – not because they can be risky and illegal, but because it is now known that the Tesla is almost always anyway wins. However, a YouTube video of the driver of a Tesla Model X brings a bit of variety to the old topic: He doesn’t mess with a four-wheeled combustion engine competitor at a traffic light, but with a fast motorcycle.

Second guard at Tesla and Suzuki

Neither the electric car nor the motorcycle side uses the fastest that is currently available. The Tesla is a performance version, but that of the Model X, which accelerates somewhat slower than the Model S. In addition, it doesn’t seem to be a Raven model whose performance and software for extra-fast starts has recently improved Tesla . The Tesla reading is now 2.6 seconds for 0-60 miles per hour, previously a tenth of a second longer.

A Suzuki machine, which the Tesla driver identified as the GSX-R750, competes on two wheels. With officially 2.9 seconds from 0-60 mph, it is brutally fast, but slightly slower than the Performance Tesla and clearly as the in-house motorcycle record holder. This is the larger Suzuki GSX-R1000, which takes 2.35 seconds to 60 miles an hour. The arithmetically correct opponent would be the latest Model S Performance, which according to Tesla is now as fast after 2.3 seconds.

At a traffic light in an unnamed city, presumably in Canada, the second guard, who was also not slow, met now. A friendly race had been agreed, the Tesla driver wrote for his short video, in which he shows four camera perspectives of the Model X. The traffic light switches to green, and the rear tire of the Suzuki, which was barely visible when waiting to the right of the Tesla, briefly disappears from the picture. So the motorcycle must have had a slightly faster start. But then it reappears, only captured by the side camera, and soon also seen from the rear of the Model X. The distance increases until the motorcycle rider stops accelerating.

“He probably didn’t expect that,” the Tesla driver comments on the result himself, while some voiced doubts under the video that the motorcycle really tried to race. But in the pictures his front wheel seems to lift off twice, which does not speak for a reserved start.


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