VAT remains at 5.5% for the installation of home charging stations

Despite fears of a VAT increasing to 20% for the installation of home charging stations, it remains at 5.5%.

Since 2014, the VAT applied to the installation of charging stations has amounted to 5.5%. This taxation concerns “Laying, installation and maintenance of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. “ The amendment confirming this is part of the 2021 finance bill and remains in force.

The administration has thus confirmed it to Avere-France, which relays the Directorate of Tax Legislation. This is part of the Ministry of the Economy and explains this decision. Article 278-0 bis A of the draft “Refers to section 200 as it was previously”. Fact, “No change occurs on January 1, 2021” about home installations.

Avere-France also confirms that two devices are added to this reduced VAT to help owners. A tax credit exists for the acquisition and installation of charging systems for electric vehicles. Its amount is 75% of the expenses incurred for the purchase and installation of the infrastructure in question, capped at 300 euros.

In addition, the CEE Advenir program is still financing the installation of charging points until the end of 2023. Advenir bears 50% of the costs, up to 1,660 euros per charging point for individuals. There is also a program for condominiums, with aid of up to 18,000 euros for common installations.


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