VdB, Kurz and the Corona rules: the spirits that called them

One could dismiss it as a “storm in a glass of water”, one of the excitements customary in the country that is not worth the excitement: the Federal President and his wife and friends sit far beyond the Corona curfew in the garden of an inner city celebrity Italian. Do we have no other worries?

On the one hand. On the other hand, it is not just someone who “chats” and “overlooks time” (Alexander Van der Bellen) Has. But the top representatives of the political class, which has for ten weeks now been warning, threatening and threatening the population to comply with the respective anti-corona measures.

No, Alexander Van der Bellen is not part of the Federal governmentis therefore not responsible for these measures. Not only is it not known that the Federal President would have commented critically on this, he has also shown through the means at his disposal that he absolutely supports these measures.

Imbalance of the discourse

Against this background, the matter does not make a slim foot. There is also another aspect, for the Van der bark of course, nothing can: you don’t want to imagine what would have happened if instead of Van der bark Sebastian Kurz or – horribile dictu – even an FPÖ politician would have sat there. In the case of the latter, the behavior – of course, nevertheless illegal – would have been at least coherent, since it holds FPÖ the current restrictions for “Corona madness”.

If you think of the excitement that a short visit (in a double sense) in Kleinwalsertal has triggered, one is once again inclined to speak of a slight imbalance in the (ver) public


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